Friday, July 27, 2012

I have no title for this post...

It's been several weeks since I wrote something here. Things have been crazy with work, being that we are in the middle of an insane heat wave, business has picked up. Plus, the wedding is drawing closer and demands attention.

I've been doing better with the emotions I feel when thinking about my father. Thats not right. I've been doing a better job at suppressing those emotions I feel when thinking about my father. I bottle them for a while then let them out when the time is right. I need the release the feeling of loss gives. It's not a pleasant feeling, but it's better than just trying to keep it all inside.

I know it hasn't been long, three months now, but these feelings, stronger than the feelings for my grandfather ever were, will not leave me, ever. And I'm coming to terms with the fact that it is not a bad thing.


  1. It sounds like you're handling your grieving. The feelings never leave, but it does get easier to handle them. Hang in there.

  2. Cool! I had wondered whether or not you had already had enough of blogging!!

    Sounds like things are going well and you are moving out of the dark fog banks of loss. I had about a year of walking around like Thomas Hearns had clipped me on the chin before I came out of a loss.

    You have so much to look forward to and get read for!! Being busy had to have helped, because you HAVE to either fish or cut bait, and it seems that you have chosen to fish!!

    Keep on truckin', the old saying goes!! Hope the wedding goes off as smooth as can be and you continue to move forward!! BTW, you may have a Ny-Quil night or two, but THAT IS OKAY. It just means you miss them and wish that your Dad was here with you. Eventually, you won't 'wish' that he was here but you will be able to know that he IS with you!!

    Yes, I talk with exclamation points when I am feeling good!

  3. The shell detaches from the interior while it still only seems like a barely perceived danger is looming. Whenever Sam turtled his head into his coat a little, there was still a 6-act play going on in his head. I suspect the same with you(more to come, privately, lucky you ;o).
    <trying for wise empathetic gaze.

    HaHaHa on the pictures you sent me. I don't ever remember Sam dating anyone with that sort of Orphan Annie hairdo. My dad, you'll notice, looks totally bored with her. ~Mary