Thursday, May 24, 2012

Starting Over

Well, I've decided to give Blogging another go. A friend and I messed around with a blog a while back, something that was silly and fun, but nothing more than that. We both got busy and posts became less frequent. I may go back there and write again, but for now, I'm here.

I was whisked back into this by my cousin, after the loss of my father. I was encouraging her to continue on with her blogging and she used some type of Jedi mind trick to get me back into it. She had done this, somehow, before she physically told me to do it. She had inspired me back by showing me her writing on her condition and the demons she faces.

I know writing is a great release, something that is an easy way to get things out. Sometimes its difficult to articulate what I need to say, like there is a disconnect between my brain and mouth. That path seems much stronger when I can write out those feelings. With the emotions due to the loss of my father, there are things I need to get out, which hopefully, I can do here.


  1. i feel you man...writing is great therapy to me...i am a counselor too...and i know i need it as well..smiles...

    i am sorry on the loss of your wife lost her mom a few years back and its takes time...i think writing out those feelings will def help...and finding other things too but hey...

    welcome back to the journey...smiles.

  2. Hello Jonathan. MJ here. I read your post on Mary's blog yesterday and have declared myself a bonafide fan. THEN I find out you have decided to start over. Imagine my joy at knowing that I no longer have to wait until you are invited to write on Mary's blog! I can just come here and let your words pour all over me. :D I am glad she talked you into this. Blogging is good for the soul and is basically free (unlike regular therapy where you pay to have one person care about you and listen to your shit --here you can have the entire world listen to your shit because they really want to). I know how it feels to lose a dad. Not a day goes by that I don't think about mine. In fact, my wife and I are about to dive off the cliff of conformity and try to make our way in the world by just being the artists we actually are. And all of my art is designed and brought to life sitting in my dad's chair in front of his drawing table (I get my artsy-fartsy side from him). The chair is about to fall apart from underneath of me as we speak and that will be a sucky day for me. But the table has at least the rest of my lifetime in it. Between this and screaming my head off while watching his (our) beloved Baltimore Ravens play football, this is how I honor him. You, too, will find all kinds of ways to honor your dad. And he will be smiling down at you just as he is right now.
    Can't wait to read more of you!

  3. I got away from blogging regularly, but seem to be getting back into the swing of things. I've met a lot of really great people through my blog, including Mary. So welcome back! Looking forward to your posts.

  4. You are in BIG trouble just having a cousin Mary! I worked to find you, first, because I really enjoyed the post that you did for Mary. No blog gives me as big a kick as Mary's, for some reason your style fit right in. Sometimes I love heart felt, soul bearing entries (Even if one is baring someone else's soul! LOL)
    second....... I guess there is a curious side, Can there actually be another MARY? LOL

    Most of us blog as an outlet. Twould have been nice had I had this outlet at that time, but being old, I lost dad even before the time of CB radios. (shows real age).

    You will find that Memories are a great comfort, no matter what age you are. Cherish them, they get a little dimmer, BUT THEY NEVER GO AWAY!

    keep writing.

  5. Well I hope that you can get those things out too, BM (heh,heh).

    You cousin is just about the greatest, and I seriously mean that. There is something different about journaling that is such a great release and more effective than keeping a private journal. I mean, I understand if you meet a chosen few and keep things in a small circle, but for me, journaling has allowed me to feel a part of something larger than myself, and to receive feedback from a broader spectrum of people than if I cultivated a friendship through meeting someone.

    Hopefully you will be able to not only express your feelings to the world but you might meet and make friends with some quality people. I know that it what I did and it worked, too! It is how I met your wonderful cousin and some other almost as amazing people!

    Look forward to hearing more from you, Jonathon. Take care!!

    Love & Rockets!

  6. So glad you have decided to rejoin the blogging world! Mary is a dear friend to me. I hope she will start blogging again too. I'm your newest follower :)

  7. Welcome back to blogging! When I step away from blogging Mary encourages me to come back I hope she does the same when she's ready but I don't want to put any pressure on her.

    Blogging is a great outlet to pour our hearts and feelings out on the table. There are so many others here who have been on the same journey and are willing to listen and encourage us to keep going.